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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Office of the United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights demands FARC to release hostages


July 18, 2006

HCHR Office in Colombia rejects the massive kidnapping of inhabitants from department of Choco. In accordance with Colombian authorities these fact is attributed to members of FARC-EP guerrillas.

The HCHR repeatedly claims that kidnapping and taking of hostages is considered as a war crime, for this fact is a serious infringement of the international humanitarian rights.

The HCHR recalls the fact that the High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour demanded in her last report on Colombia that illegal armed groups must ordain to its members to keep a clear respect for humanitarian laws.

The Office reiterates the demand given by the High Commissioner to FARC-EP, and all the illegal armed groups to release immediately, and with no conditions, all the people who have been taken as hostages.

The Office entrusts that Colombian authorities will adopt all the necessary measures to clarify the information related to several casualties of people taken as hostages.

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