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Monday, August 02, 2010

Complaint filed regarding the killing of a minor in Vista Hermosa, Meta

( Translated by Rowan Viva Hendrick, a CSN Volunteer translator)

Guillermo Mendoza Diago
Attorney General

Alejandro Ordonez
Procurador General
Volmar Pérez
National Ombudsman

Rafael Bustos
Human Rights Interior Min.

In reference to:

FIRST.  Yesterday, July 27, 2010, the Regional Human Rights Committee of Vista Hermosa -Meta reported that at about 10:00 am troops from the 86th Battalion of the National Army’s  Mobile Brigade No. 12  indiscriminately opened fire on two minors who were hunting near their home on La Siberia path in the municipality of Vista Hermosa (Meta).
SECOND. Subsequently, the Mobile Brigade troops blocked the approach of members of the community and of the child's mother, CRISTINA ROJAS, leaving the wounded boy, OSCAR INOCENCIO OVIEDO ROJAS, age 15, without medical attention and without any kind of help for about three hours, which resulted in his death.  The other minor is with his family and was not wounded.

THIRD. In the afternoon, the relevant complaints were made to the authorities and in response to this unfortunate occurrence, Colonel Riaño, Commander of the Specific Eastern Command acknowledged that the murder of the child Oscar Inocencio Oviedo Rojas was an unfortunate error, reporting that: "... unfortunately on Siberia in the municipality of Vista Hermosa, a civilian minor (15 years old) who entered the ambush area of the Mobile Brigade 12 troops was killed.  He was wearing jeans and a green T-shirt and carrying a gun, and he was shot at chest-level. He was with another young man who was also carrying a gun and who said that they were hunters.  At this time, the Judicial Police is heading for the disturbance."  (Information received via text message at 4:54 PM).

FOURTH. In the afternoon, the Judicial Police went to the site of the events in order to carry out the removal and transfer of the body to forensics.
FIFTH. It is important to note that previously, as part of the preparation for the Public Hearing "Humanitarian Crisis in the Eastern Plains,"  a day of care for victims in this county was held  by the Commission on Human Rights and the International Humanitarian Law of the Lower Ariari Sector-DHBAJOARIARI-, the Socio-legal Collective  Orlando Fals Borda, and CINEP, and headed by Father Javier Giraldo, in which the mother of the child who was killed by the army participated, denouncing the murder of her husband.


We ask the national enforcement authorities, including the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior, the Human Rights Program of the Vice President of the Republic, the Ministry of National Defense, and the National Human Rights Unit of the Attorney General's Office, to take immediate action to prevent further regrettable incidents of loss of life in the communities of this area.
Moreover, we especially request that the Attorney General's Office:
FIRST. Promptly investigate the facts outlined above and punish the public officials with the full force of law since this is a crime against humanity.
SECOND. Provide all security measures and guarantees of security to the families of the victims, the victims themselves, and the witnesses who participated in the Public Hearing “Humanitarian Crisis in the Eastern Plains, " convened by the Senate of the Republic, taking into account what has been related above.

We request that the military high command take action to comply with the constitutional mandate to protect the life, honor and property of citizens.
We are attentive to the needs of its investigative unit to continue processing this complaint, and as such we will receive notifications at the Carrera 10 No. 15-39 Office 509-510 in the city of Bogota, Phone 283-9387, email colectivosociojuridico@gmail.com .
Carolina Hoyos Villamil
Human Rights Defender








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